Welcome to Secure My Bike, the proud innovators of Brick Lock

What is Brick Lock?

Brick lock is a brand new concept developed to safeguard your bike and motorcycles. Designed to fit discreetly into your wall (and thereby using your wall as the main anchor point), Bricklock tethers your valuable goods using a high tensile steel chain and lock, offering one of the most rebust and secure protection systems available.

Introducing the Brick Lock

Not only limited to bikes and motorcycles, Brick Lock can be used to secure:

• Tool kits
• Ladders
• Garden equipment
• Quad Bikes
• Traliers

....and much more!

You can fit Brick Lock yourself or use on of our highly trained, approved installers based throughout the U.K. Typically, installation takes no longer than 90 minutes. Brick Lock offers an incredible level of security and more importantly give you peace of mind that your valuable property is protected. We also supply and fit PIR alarm systems, which, when used in conjunction with Brick Lock offer an unrivalled level of security without breaking your bank balance!